Facebook user (09.03.2012)



Facebook user

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Like me on facebook

simply be my friend

you will know all about me

in the end.


I share private things

I´m posting what i do

No more hidden spaces

not only one taboo.

Trapped in a circle

and i see no way out

sitting here with my notebook

just beeing proud.

I have lots of friends here

they comment my whole life.

I am really addicted

thats why i lost my wife.

Facebook User

in the cyberspace

far away from a real world

leaving a lifetime trace.

You don´t know what you do

you are wasting time

and one day you´ll wake up

an realize your crime.

Facebook User

think about what you do

what´s the kick for you

it´s all phantasy and not true.




Florian Greuling


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